Who is Asma Hamza ?

Asma Hamza

Asma Hamza was a distinguished Sudanese singer, composer and oud player, known as the “Queen of the Oud”. She was popular for her amazing voice and her traditional Sudanese music.

Asma was the first Sudanese woman to receive formal training in playing the oud in 1946. She was declared the winner of the “Lailat Al Khadra Al Kubra” Music Competition in Sudan on 17 July 1997.

Asma’s music often contained political and social commentary. She sang about the struggle of the Sudanese people and the need for peace and justice.

In Sudan in the 1950s, it was not socially acceptable for women to pursue music. Yet Asma overcame these obstacles and set a new record.

Asma was a leading voice for women in Sudanese music. She was also a strong advocate for women’s rights. She broke barriers for female artists and paved the way for future generations of Sudanese singers.

Asma was also a role model for women in Sudan and inspired many to pursue their dreams. His extraordinary talent and dedication have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of music.

Physical Stats

Full name:Asma Hamza
Profession:Sudani Oud Player
Born: 1936, Sudan
Death: 21 May 2018, Halfaya, Sudan
Best known for: Queen of the Oud
Age:82 Years
Marital Status:Married

Early Life

Asma Hamza was born in 1936 in Halfayt al-Muluk, Sudan. She was the only child of her parents.

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Asma was brought up in Halfayt al-Muluk and completed her primary education here. She also studied in the Evangelical Deaf School.

She had a keen interest in music since childhood. Her father was greatly impressed by his musical talent. He give to Asma was a gift an instrument to learn singing.

This instrument, which looked like a veena, had a thin neck and had no frets. Asma gradually gained proficiency in this musical instrument after self-training.


Asma Hamza started her musical career in 1948 with the composition of the song “Ya Ooni” for Diwan Al-Mallah. She was the first Sudanese female artist to compose the song “Ouuni”.

Asma rose to fame in her musical career in 1982 when she composed the song “The Good Time” by Sudanese poet Saif-al-Din al-Dasuki. This song was sung by Sudanese singer Sumaya Hassan.

Asma was a female artist who achieved great success in a very short time while being in the Sudanese Music Corps. She worked in the music corps for 13 years, thanks to Aziza Darwish, wife of the late journalist Mohammad Saleh Fahmy.

She composed many tunes for talented Arab artists. Her compositions gained recognition and she became famous as one of Sudan’s leading female composers.

She was influenced by great artists such as Umm Kulthum, Muhammad Abdel Wahab, Abdel Halim Hafez and Shadia.

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She was reputed to have composed many songs sung by many old and young singers such as Abdul Karim Al Kabali, Muhammad Mirghani, Abida Al Sheikh, Imad Ahmed Al Tayeb.

Asma Hamza’s Most Popular Songs

  • “Al-Sudan Biladi” (My Sudan)
  • “Al-Nisa” (female)
  • “Al-Haqqu” (Justice)

Personal Life

Asma Hamza was married in 1967. She also has a daughter Wefaq and two granddaughters.

Asma died in 2018 in Khartoum, Sudan. She was 82 years old. She is remembered as one of the most important figures in Sudanese music and culture.

Hamza’s music is popular in Sudan and around the world. She was a national icon and her legacy will live on for generations to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Asma Hamza from?

Answer: Sudan

What is Asma Hamza’s profession?

Answer: Oud Player, Musician, Song-writer

Is Asma Hamza active on social media?

Answer: No, She dies in 2018

Who is Asma Hamza?

Answer: Asma Hamza is the first female musician and oud player of Sudan.

When was Asma Hamza Dies?

Answer: 21 May 2018